Are you fed up with battling your teens?

I am a Mum of two teenagers. 

I know the frustrations of not being heard or respected, the sadness felt when you lose the sense of connection and the desperation that leads to yelling and slamming doors. 

I help working parents with teens who are fed up with the constant battles and are looking for a simple way to guide their families through the teenage years with self-respect, love and open communication.

Are you struggling to connect with your teens and don’t know where or how to start?  Book a complimentary 30-minute clarity call to discuss the best place for you to start to create real positive change. 

How I can help you

Parenting Coach for working parents with teens

As parents we are not perfect. We can be strong, resilient and positive role models to our teenagers. We can set clear boundaries. We can respect ourselves, and our teens. We can open the door to calm and authentic communication. We can lead our teens to adulthood. You can have the relationship that you want with your teen.

Leadership & business coaching

My greatest joy is working with people, seeing them build their skills and grow in confidence to fully express themselves as a unique and motivated leader. People lead others and connect authentically when they have confidence and understanding. Through these authentic connections, individuals and businesses thrive and enjoy genuine client relationships that facilitate continuing personal, professional and financial success.

Client Love

There are so many wonderful things I can say about Nicky as a professional and a person. To put it simply - I would not be where I am today in my business and personal development without her shared wisdom, guidance and training. She will truly turn your aspirations and goals into a reality with her kindness and calm guiding force.